You’re Invited

To Celebrate the Wedding of

Kate & Andrew

Arthur’s Barn, Bray


Kate & Andrew

What has the first 6 years brought us?

    Festivals Attended57

  • Nights Out436

  • Nappies Changed454

  • Laughs hadToo many to count!

The story thus far……

We need to rewind back to 2008 where an airheaded blonde was offered a ticket to a gig at Marley Park. Never one to refuse some mid-week entertainment, the airhead & her friend rocked up to the gig, late, & slightly worse for wear! Her friend suggested they give another friend’s big brother a shout. After a while this same friend abandons the airhead in the safe hands of this dimwitted brother & his friend. The dimwitted guy accompanies the airheaded blonde as she skips down the road; her oblivious that “Block Head” & “The Colours” are not actual names of bands & that the dimwit kinda knows a bit about music.

Laid back dude that the dimwit is, he still managed to steal a kiss outside KFC of all places &, more surprisingly, he made the effort to text the blonde that very same night (needless to say, the blonde had no idea how out of character that was)!

Unfortunately the dimwit didn’t stand a chance. He had managed to escape the clutches of relationships for 30 years, probably because he realised early on from 3 sisters & a mother that women could be hard work. However the blonde figured she kinda liked him &, like a tornado, swept him along with her!

He did wine & dine much so that she allegedly followed him to Electric Picnic, where his love of music & her love of glitter made a great combination.

And, much to everyone’s disbelief, he asked her to go steady (proving to his mum that he did in fact like girls) & I guess opposites do attract. Their love of festivals cemented their relationship & their opposite interests proved stimulating & entertaining for both parties; with the guy opening his eyes to economics & Shakespeare & the girl realising that there is more to music than the Top 20!

So, over the last 6 years there have been many laughs, some tears (from Andrew generally when he realised there the airhead had a brain & she wasn’t letting him go), more festivals that is normal & sane, a house / construction site, an engagement & most recently, Little Miss Amelie to make them a little family.

So we have decided to celebrate our union in true Bunkinson style – in a field surrounded by those we care about & lots of fairy lights, which is why you have received this link!


Arthur's Barn

By Car: Take the greystones exit off the N11 & at the roundabout head towards Greystones. Pass Bray golf club on your left & approx. 200m past the golf course there is a slip road on the right. Head down this for approx. 500m & there is a gate on your right which is the entrance to the venue.

By Dart & Taxi: Alternatively, you can get the Dart to Bray Dart Station & hop in a taxi & it is only 5km down the road from the station.

Map & Co-ordinates: Enter these co-ordinates into your sat nav (53.163059, -6.095195) or click here to view map



12th September


4pm sharp
(If you can't be on time, be early!)


Just a short walk from the ceremony

Day 2

To continue the celebrations we are having an informal gathering the day after to continue the festivities, commiserate over some sore heads & take up where we left off the day before.

Where: Chez Bunkinson (8 Parnell Rd, D12 for those who don't know)

When: From 3pm onwards

Carparking is limited outside our house, so if you are driving you might have more luck in one of these places.


Additional information:

Suggested attire: Country Chic

Money & smokes: Unfortunately, given that the barn is in a field in the middle of the country (is Wicklow not the country?), there will be no access to an ATM or a cigarette machine so if you require these you will need to get them on your way.

Booze: We will be providing wine & beer for the day & night however, you will need cash if you want spirits! All profits from spirits sales will be going to charity.

Photo App: In order to capture the fun parts of the day we are asking everyone to download the Wed Pics App - Search "wedpics" in iTunes or Google Play and then use the Wedding ID: bunkinsons (plural!)

Out of towners: We hoped that by having it so close to the Big Smoke that most people will be within a taxi ride of their own bed.

However, if not, the Wilton Hotel ( is the nearest accommodation to the venue. Otherwise there is a plethora of B&B's in both Bray & Greystones, which can be easily located online. Please note that a taxi will be required to get to any accommodation as the road is not safe for pedestrians.

Taxi Services: We will have a list of taxi services on the day who will be well aware of the drunken debauchery they will be encountering over the course of the evening!

Small Print! As with all festivals where alcohol is served, this is an over 18’s event only.


Good Booze, Good Food & Two I Do’s, you in or what?!

Please respond using the form below by July 31st.

Will you be attending?

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